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Glenn Holmes

Founding Partner


Glenn Holmes is a distinguished Financial Advisor with over 16 years of experience, specializing in providing strategic financial guidance to corporate executives and business owners. With the complexities of compensation structures and the challenges of exit planning, managing wealth and planning for the future can be overwhelming. In the ever-changing corporate landscape, coupled with the urgency of capital tightening, the need for expert financial guidance becomes even more critical.

At the core of Glenn’s approach is his boundless energy and natural flair for teaching. He is a servant-leader, cultivating relationships based on genuine care and trust. Clients and colleagues alike find comfort in Glenn’s ability to listen intently; his attentiveness is unparalleled. With an unyielding belief that leadership transcends titles, Glenn paves the way for greatness by fostering an environment where everyone’s voice is heard.

As a process-oriented professional, Glenn thrives in intimate group settings. His relationships are built on honesty and transparency, and he has a penchant for giving his clients his undivided attention. His innate storytelling skills are complemented by an even stronger ability to listen – Glenn is known to remember even the minutest details about his clients’ lives.

Glenn’s adaptability is also a testament to his continuous learning mindset. He has spent the years deeply studying Macro Economics, Point & Figure Portfolio Management and Business Exit Planning. His acumen is rooted in a robust blend of personal drive, corporate-level communication, and storytelling/listening skills. He is dedicated to empowering clients to make creative decisions in achieving their goals.

On a personal note, Glenn is an avid outdoorsman and is passionate about kayaking, biking, and other nature adventures. He’s a devoted father to his two sons, Grant and Noah, who are 14 and 12 years old. He treasures time spent with them, whether it’s playing basketball and soccer or enjoying a competitive round of golf.

A tireless advocate for finding solutions, Glenn lives by the mantra “Let’s Make It Happen!” He believes that ‘No’ is never the final answer and is always seeking alternative routes to success.

Client Centered

Client Centered

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